DIY – the end of the expert?

Sep 9, 2013

It is tempting in these tough economic times for marketing managers to reduce their reliance on external expertise when developing communications.

Advances in technology mean the power to create is now in the hands of everyone. So why go to the expense of engaging professionals when you can keep it in-house?

  • Social networking means you can keep in touch with your audiences.
  • Easy to access software packages allow you to do your own graphic design.
  • Affordable digital cameras mean you can produce photography and videos.
  • The internet offers a myriad of copy styles from which to crib.

Of course businesses should utilise internal resource wherever possible as long as the output quality is high. But in my experience when materials are produced this way managers tend to be more forgiving of poor quality than they would be if external expertise was employed.
“Yeah our pictures aren’t great but at least we didn’t have to pay for an expensive photographer.”
“OK the typography on the brochure isn’t good but our team are really busy and at least we didn’t have to employ an expensive design agency.”
“Why pay for a writer? There’s nothing wrong with our own copy.”
This approach can lead to a change in mindset and ultimately a lowering of the bar – towards mediocrity.
Whatever market you are in the chances are it will be mature and your competition fierce. Standing out means you need be remarkable – mediocre simply won’t cut it.

Accepting mediocrity says “I don’t care” and if you don’t care about your message then why should your audience.

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