Hatton Gallery

Relaunch Campaign

A multi-channel marketing campaign to launch the new brand and promote the opening of the newly refurbished gallery.

Campaign Concept and Development
Set Design and Build
Photography and Art Direction
Content Creation

The Hatton is an art gallery with an illustrious past. Over the last 50 years, it has played an important part in the history of British modern art. But in recent times the gallery had become tired and lost its identity, meaning visitor numbers were dwindling.

The Hatton is based on the Newcastle University campus and although regular visitors regarded it as a ‘hidden gem’, the general public were either not aware of the gallery or perceived it as being too old-fashioned, too academic and not for them.

A £3.8million investment from the Heritage Lottery Fund has changed all that, enabling the Hatton to significantly upgrade and reposition its offer and attract a wider audience.

We were asked to design and develop a multi-channel marketing campaign to promote the gallery’s re-launch.

Market research identified new target audiences and outlined their motivations for visiting cultural destinations like the Hatton. The insight gained formed the basis of a five-year marketing strategy and lead to the development of key messages designed to appeal to each audience type.

“The campaign was fantastic. It positioned the new look gallery perfectly, raising awareness and contributing to a great number of new visitors in the first few weeks after opening. The future looks bright!”

Rachel Bentham
Communications Officer
Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

Our brief was to promote the Hatton as an exciting, creative destination aimed at those who like to take risks and discover something new while not alienating the gallery’s existing loyal audiences.

We proposed a teaser campaign to build anticipation leading up to the gallery re-opening. Entitled ‘watch this space’, it portrays the Hatton as an unusual creative space full of art and ideas and introduces the new brand identity.

We began by recreating the new logo as a large outsized LED installation in the gallery. Models were cast to represent the target audience. We then art directed a late-night photoshoot in which they moved around the space lit by this single light.

The result was a set of dramatic images and short video clips that were used across all channels including outdoor, print, online and on social media.

270% increase

The gallery seeks to increase visitor numbers by 270% within three years.

Extensive market research carried out by Morris Hargreaves Macintyre, segmented target audiences and identified their motivations for visiting. This work informed our creative approach to the campaign.


The gallery has a potential market of 425,000 people.

With new facilities, exhibitions and outreach programmes the Hatton is working to significantly increase its market share within a competitive cultural landscape.

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Infinite Design Consultants Ltd

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T: 0191 716 5086
E: info@infinitedesign.com